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A handy utility that allows you to create challenging crosswords in no time
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Crossword Weaver is a handy utility that allows you to create challenging crosswords in no time using your own words and clues. You can then publish them on your website, newspaper or magazine. It allows you to create the two most popular types of crosswords – freeform (also known as criss-cross puzzles) and symmetrical, also known as publication type crosswords.

The program's user interface is designed to be friendly and functional. However, it includes some elements that may turn it hard to use and understand, especially if you are not very familiar with crossword creation yet. Basically, it allows you to create your crosswords in three simple steps – select a crossword type, type the words and the clues of your choice, and (optionally) configure your grid's size and layout. In addition, there is a tabbed panel for you to have different previews of your puzzle document.

As stated before, the two types of crosswords you can create with the help of this program are freeform and symmetrical. The first one is mostly used for educational purposes and, therefore, it is very useful for teachers and parents who want to improve their children's language skills. This type requires you to type in all the words and their clues. The symmetrical type, however, may include words you typed plus others taken from the program’s database, and it produces the type of crossword that you typically find on newspapers. The mentioned database, of course, also includes the corresponding clues.

Once your crossword is ready, you can save it in the program’s proprietary format, export it as a PDF, print any of the layouts, and even let the program build a webpage with your crossword in it, ready for online publishing. Those layouts include a blank grid with its clues (ready to be solved), the grid with the solution, and the grid with the solution written in a subdued gray (called "Penciled-in Grid"). The program allows you to execute even more actions, such as clearing the grid, exchanging across and down words, setting the color for the blanks (for symmetrical crosswords), setting the font, size and color for the solution, and many more.

In short, Crossword Weaver allows you to create crosswords of any size and complexity quickly and easily, either you are a teacher/parent or you simply you want to have some fun.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Friendly and functional user interface
  • Allows you to create the two most popular types of crosswords: freeform and symmetrical
  • You can configure the size and layout of the grid
  • Allows you to see and print several types of layouts for you crossword
  • Includes a database of word/clue pairs to complete your symmetrical crosswords


  • It includes some features and functions that may turn it hard to use and understand
  • Generation of HTML crosswords fails sometimes
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